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  • Tone: Clean with warmth
  • Playability: Ease of playing for the left hand
  • Stability: Quick break in time

Larsen viola string composition:

  • A string- Stainless steel over steel
  • D string- Aluminum over synthetic
  • G string- Silver over Synthetic
  • C string- Silver over Synthetic
https://www.arc-verona.es/out/pictures/generated/product/1/650_540_90/277758.png 277758

LARSEN Viola Cuerda-Reo medio

Artículo el número: 277758

Larsen viola strings are produced in Sweden and boast a warm sound that is perfect for instruments that are bright and need a little more warmth. With a fast break in period, they remain stable and reliable. The Larsen A string is especially popular in m

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