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Pirastro Perpetual bass string composition:
  • G string: Chrome steel over steel
  • D string: Chrome steel over steel
  • A string: Chrome steel over steel
  • E string: Chrome steel over steel
  • All strings are chrome steel wound on a uniquely designed and extremely flexible high-tensile steel rope core.
  • Tremendous projection and clarity, a powerful and focused low end gives way to a full, sophisticated upper register.
  • Very consistent and precise pizzicato attack with an additional punchiness on the lower strings.
  • Extremely energetic with very little effort and a juicy right hand feel when played pizzicato, yet strong and complex with good stability under the bow.
  • Highly articulate bow response without being brittle
  • Breaks in quickly with excellent stability
  • Mainly developed for pizzicato, the new Perpetual double bass strings are also for arco players looking for a precise and clear tone with a wide variety of dynamics
https://www.arc-verona.es/out/pictures/generated/product/1/650_540_90/perpetual(0).png 247959

Pirastro Perpedual Set Orchestra Double bass

Artículo el número: 247959

Die neue Perpetual Bass Saiten sind extrem elastische und flexible Stahlsaiten, mit einem riesigen Klangvolumen und präziser und klarer Tongebung. Das Spielgefühl ist angenehm und komfortabel mit einer sehr direkten und über aus dynamischen Ansprache.

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